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eBooks and Digital Audiobooks

Sora, by Overdrive

Sora App
eBooks and digital audiobooks for leisure reading
(via Sora, by Overdrive for schools):
On Your Computer
Click here for the e-book/digital audiobook collection:

  • Select Gann Academy from the dropdown box.
  • Click on the access link.
  • Login with your school credentials.

On Your Mobile Device: 

  • Download the free Sora, by Overdrive app. 
  • Select Gann Academy. If our school isn't listed, click on "My school isn't listed" and type in Gann Academy.
  • Click on the access link.
  • Login with your school credentials. 

SYNC Audio Books (through Sora)

SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+.  With SYNC, you can borrow two free audiobooks each week. The SYNC week (the loan period) starts Thursday at 12:00am (ET) and lasts until the following Wednesday at 11:59:59 (ET). 

SYNC is only available via Sora, the student reading app from Overdrive. See above for how to activate your school Sora account. You'll need to add the SYNC library to your Sora account: See the instructions and document below for instructions for adding SYNC to your Sora account.

How to add the SYNC library to your Sora account. 

  • In Sora, open the menu (top right hand side).
  • Select "Add a public library."
  •  Search for audiobooksync and select the library from the results. 


What if I haven't activated my school Sora account?  Go to this page and follow directions for setting up a Sora account just for SYNC. Note: You will have access to more collections of eBooks and audiobooks if you register for a school Sora account (see above for directions).