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Call of the Wild by Jack London

Call of the Wild by Jack London book cover and synopsis.

Photograph of Jack London 1903           Portrait of Jack London taken in 1903.  

Image from Little Pilgrimages Among the Men Who Have Written Famous Books: second series by E.F. Harkins, published by L C Page and Company Boston 1903 - (Little Pilgrimages page 235).

Context for The Call of the Wild

Klondikers carrying supplies ascending the Chilkoot Pass, 1898.

By Cantwell, George G. - Library University Washington; first published in 1900, "The Klondike, a souvenir", Rufus Bucks Publisher, Seattle, 1900 (no page numbers). Digitally altered image to remove caption at lower left (see uploaded version for original)., Public Domain,

Detail of Klondike route map showing Chilkoot and White Pass trails

Klondike routes map. The section connecting Dyea/Skagway with Dawson is referred to by London as the "Yukon Trail".

Klondike Routes Map from w:National Park Service; cropped from: (