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How to Find Substantive News Articles

Substantive news articles: 

  • Appear in nationally known newspapers or in publications of non profit or professional organizations.
  • There is a byline with the name(s) or the writer(s) of the article. 
  • Do not have bibliographies, but will credit the information source or research study that is mentioned in the article.
  • Appeals to the general public who is interested in the topic. 

You can search for substantive news articles in our news databases or by using the filter options or the advanced search features in our article databases. 

News Sources

Note: Information About Subscription Databases

You should get direct access to these databases when on campus. If you are prompted to log in using usernames and passwords, go to the "Off Campus Access to Library  Databases" tile in the Topics section of Library Lounge to see individual database usernames and passwords.