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Psychology 12: Background Reading

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Reference Sources

Begin your research by building up some general knowledge about your topic. Reference sources such as encyclopedias can help you in getting context and perspective on a topic. Entries will often also include a reference list or resources used by the author, which provide great leads to track down more information on your topic and will help you compile a word bank of major concepts, subtopics, and discipline- or topic-specific vocabulary you can use for the next step in your research. You can also begin your reading by searching for articles in general academic databases

How to Use Wikipedia for Academic Research

How to Use Wikipedia for Academic Research

1. Read articles to get a general overview of your topic.

2. Make a note of key concepts, vocabulary, issues, or people related to your topic.

3. Scroll down to the end of the article for links to the References and External Sources sections to find links and references to scholarly and other reputable sources.

Remember, you cannot cite Wikipedia in a bibliography. However, reading an article in Wikipedia is a legitimate start for your research and can be a helpful source for gaining familiarity with your topic, gathering key concepts, vocabulary, and issues related to your topic, and kickstarting the process of helping you narrow your focus.