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Tips & Tricks

Google Web Search

Web Search Tips and Tricks

Here are some tried and true web search methods that will work in virtually any search engine and directory, along with a few basic web search skills you need to have in order to have truly successful web searches. 

Not all Search Engines Are Equal

An article comparing two popular search engines - Google and DuckDuckGo - with pros and cons including different levels of privacy, speed, and accuracy.

How to Search on Google

Many articles from Google on how to do effective searches, including a form for doing Advanced Searches.

Be Strategic!


       This Library Guide gives you resources that will help you find authoritative information on contemporary science topics. Remember to:

  •  Use the Advanced Search option in both databases and search engines to narrow your focus.
  • Check the "Full Text" option when you search in databases to filter your results.
  • Consider searching in science search engines that provide access to open source articles from academic journals with scientific content.
  • If you come across any articles that do not provide full text, read the abstract closely to asses whether the article is appropriate for your research. If it is, send the link to the article to the library staff and we will request the article for you through interlibrary loan.