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About Library Guides

Krupp Library Guides (LibGuides) are created by the Library Media Specialist and Library Assistants at Gann Academy for specific courses and assignments and for general knowledge. They are your connection to the print and digital resources—from Encyclopedias to carefully curated websites—that will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the various disciplines and topical subject areas.

In addition to these subject research guides, we offer a number of “How To” guides designed to help you find specific types of resources (e.g. books in the library, journal articles in library databases, collections of primary sources on the open Web) or learn to cite sources and avoid plagiarism, or select the best online tools for managing your research notes, among other topics.

Should you have any questions about locating resources, getting started with your research assignment, citing sources, or anything else library or research related, please feel free to contact the librarian.