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Passover Online: Haggadot

A selection of online Haggadot, plus other resources for Passover.


There is a rich tradition of Haggadah commentary and illumination across the world going back hundreds of years. Each Haggadah reflects the era, culture, and needs of the community where it was created. Some Haggadot have become classics, while new versions with new interpretations continue to be published.  In this Library Guide you will find links to complete Haggadot with text and illustrations that you can view online or download. 

The Rose Haggadah

The Wandering Is Over Haggadah

Arthur Szyk Haggadah


Arthur Szyk (1894-1951). The Haggadah, The Four Questions (1935), Łódź, Poland

Arthur Szyk / CC BY-SA (

Invisible: The Story of Modern Slavery, A Social Justice Haggadah

Feast of Freedom Haggadah

A Night to Remember Haggadah

A Different Night Haggadah

Jewbelong Haggadah