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QR Codes


What is a QR code?

QR ("Quick Response") codes are two-dimensional bar codes that when scanned display text, videos, audio, or Web sites. In order to scan a QR code, you will need to either go to a QR code scanning Web site or download a QR code reader onto your Smartphone, computer or other mobile device. 

You will need to find a QR code reader compatible with the operating system on your mobile device, for example Android vs. iPhone. Before you download an app check to see if a QR code reader is already pre-installed onto your device.

QR code tips:

  • Make sure there is plenty of light when you scan a QR code.
  • There are plenty of free QR code reader apps/scanners and QR code generators, though the ones that charge a fee might offer additional functions. 
  • QR code reader apps might work better than QR readers on the Web.
  • Some QR code readers offer additional functions such as being able to save the QR codes or enable you to decode many other types of QR codes.

Want to Learn More?

Michelle White's blog post contains information and links that give you all the resources and information you'll need about using and generating QR codes.