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Guide to Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement Workshop

On Inauguration Day 2017, one of the options offered to Gann students was to participate in a workshop to learn more about civic engagement at the national, state, and local level. Student learned how to contact their elected officials, to find out about their positions and review their voting records, and to write a letter encouraging them to take a particular action on an issue.

If you didn't participate in the workshop, but feel inspired to contact your representatives, this guide can help. There are links to help you find out who your representatives are, resources for gathering more information about political issues, and resources for learning more about the positions and voting records of officials.

Handouts for the workshop are in box below and provide further guidance for writing letters of support or concern to your representatives.

Find Your Representatives

Issues Research

Find Voting Records and Position Statements

  • Project Vote Smart collects biographical information, voting records, position statements, speeches and letters, funding sources, and rating from special interest groups for elected and appointed officials at the federal and state levels of government.