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Using Excel

Insert a Chart

Inserting a graph or chart in Excel is easy once you have input your data. First, highlight the data that you want to present. Then, go to Insert on the top of the page and select the type of chart that you'd like to use to display your data.

Line Chart vs. Scatter Plot

Should you use a line graph or a scatter plot for your data? Line graphs can look very similar, but the main difference is in how they plot your data along the horizontal and vertical axis. When you're graphing mathematic and statistical data, you'll want to use a scatter plot since Excel's line graph will put your categories on the x-axis and your points will not be proportional. Instead, choose a scatter plot and choose the style that connects the points with a line.


Adding Trendlines

You may be asked to draw a best-fit line for your data on your graph.  You should first graph your data as described above. Then, go to Layout on the top of the page and select Trendline to view your best-fit line options.

How-To Excel Charts Video