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Using Excel

Workbook vs. Worksheet

The difference between a workbook and a worksheet in Excel confuses many students. When you open Excel, the new document that is automatically opened is called a workbook. A workbook contains multiple worksheets, often called spreadsheets, which are the pages in which you enter your data. If you look on the bottom of a workbook, you'll see three tabbed worksheets. You can add, remove, and rename worksheets as needed.

Cell Address

Worksheets are made up of columns (alphabetic letters A, B, C...) and rows (numbered 1, 2, 3...) that provide an address for every cell. For example, if you navigate down the B column to row 3, the address for that cell is B3. Understanding what cell you're refering to becomes important when putting together formulas.

Preview Before Printing

Preview your spreadsheet before printing to make sure your document looks the way you want. There are two ways to ensure the document fits on one page.

Option #1:

  • Before printing, go to View on the top of the page and select Page Break Preview.
  • The dotted lines will show you where the edge of the page will be when the document prints. You can click and drag this line to where you want it.

Option #2:

  • Before printing, go to Page Layout on the top of the page and look at the options in the Scale to Fit category.
  • If you want your data printed all on one page wide, use the dropdown box to select 1 page.