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English 9 - Independent Reading


Welcome to the library guide for 9th Grade English!

Your class will be coming to the library to hear recommendations for great books in the library and to browse for independent reading.

There are two parts to this guide.

Part 1 is an activity for you to complete prior to visiting the library. We want you to think about your history as a reader. Do you have strong memories of reading or being read to when you were young? Are they positive or negative memories? What do you like to read? What DON'T you like to read? The books the librarian will recommend at your library visit are things that she has read and enjoyed and that she thinks and hopes some of you might enjoy too. But every reader has different tastes. Answering these questions will help you think about what your tastes are and help her help you find the next great book that YOU will love reading.


Part 2 will be a list and summary of books discussed in your class visit to the library and resources for finding other books that you will enjoy reading.

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